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Margaret Chancellor Caldwell, a longtime teacher of art students of all ages, retired from the classroom in 2015 and looks forward to producing more art work. While still teaching and working in her studio fairly regularly for short periods of time, she found she could assemble mosaics. Caldwell liked this medium because she could use bright color and combine disparate materials to make one-of-a-kind decorative objects.

Now that she has larger blocks of time, Caldwell draws and paints more often and hopes to soon start making prints again. The paintings that she has made lately reflect events going on in her life: gardening, caring for an elderly relative, and other quotidian activities. Margaret states, “Almost everyone addresses the challenges of daily life by balancing attempts to satisfy needs with decisions about the worthwhile use of discretionary time. My goal is to use any gifts and energy that I have to make my world a bit better than I found it---while advancing my many interests. And, to finally focus on making of art objects.”